#NowReading: Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk

Photo Sep 06, 8 24 16 AM

Soooooo – I’ve been following Gary Vee for about two years now and I finally got his first book. I can’t lie – I’m not much of a reader. I’d rather learn by watching someone do it or doing it myself but reading eeeehh frankly I just get bored with the concept of sitting still. However, knowing Gary Vee’s style of presentation allows me to make this just entertaining enough to sit down and read big chunks of it at a time.

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Jabari Johnson Words w/ Friends feat. Phillip T. Annand

During my days off I do a lot of digging for inspiration and wisdom from people I respect in various creative industries. Well, Saturday was no different when I stumbled upon a podcast featuring Phillip T. Annand [@OnAwardTour]. He is the founder of the Madbury Club [@MadburyClub] which is collective of talented friends currently doing creative marketing and agency work for a number of large brands across the country including the NBA, NIKE, and Sprint to name a few. Oh yeah – Phil’s only TWENTY – FOUR …… Im going to let you all sit on that one for a little bit. Continue reading

Tange Lomax – Joy

There’s just something about a talented female artist especially one with the ability to be lyrically sound. There is also something about people who take the time to craft their own sound and Tange Lomax [@TANGELOMAX] does just that. I think I am most intrigued by how her positivity and warm spirit is personified on her tracks. You listen to her and can not help but be pulled in and feel lifted by the vibes. I was thoroughly impressed by her mixtape, Lucid, that dropped in January and I am just as pleased with this track – enJOY – I know that was a lame pun but hey ….. I couldn’t help myself. Ha! Shoutout to FC Music Group – Peace!

Event Recap: Sir Abstraxxx Presents Her Favorite Colour


I wanna give a big shoutout to the homie Sir Abstraxxx [@SirAbstraxxx] for his most recent performance at Twenty-Two off Central Ave. in Charlotte. The gallery was packed with a approximately one hundred people all coming to hear the words of one man backed by vocals from my little brother Gabe [@GabeDavis]. I want to wish Abstraxxx peace and blessings as he announced at this show he would be moving to Los Angeles soon to push his art form to the next level. It takes a certain type of courage to make that type of leap and I wish him nothing but the best. Abstraxxx has been a loyal photography client and was one of the first creatives in the area to embrace my movement when I relocated. I can’t thank him enough for the support in this past year. He hasn’t just showed up and tweeted but has spent his hard earn money supporting my movement – Nothing means more as an artist. Anyway, I captured this one through the lens of my polaroid camera. See what I captured after the jump – PEACE!

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